New Crewfinder Site

Dear FFers, (if that is not rude!)

For those of you still actively sailing you may find this new facility on the BIFFA website of use.

We are keen to provide tools to Club Fleets that are of value, and “it’s so hard to find crews” comes up a lot.

We want to build one centre online that everyone can turn to, helm or potential crew, in order to get people racing more.

What we need to get the tool hugely accepted is a handful of the big fleets to all start using it for their own crew matching.  It works just like the “Boats for Sale” thing (except this is free to use), and you can put expiry on the “ad” you place so that it gets taken off automatically maybe the Monday after sailing for example.  All entries get automatically posted to the F15 Twitter account and Facebook page as well to ensure maximum reach.

Feedback actively sought and welcomed.

Simon Thompson