About us

So what is a Flying 15?
  • Is it “a dinghy with a keel?”
  • Is it “the most fun two people can have on a three-sail reach?”
  • Is it “the only logical step when you’re tired of falling out of dinghies?”
  • Is it “the one of the largest one-design keel boat fleets in the world?”
  • It’s all these things and much, much more!

The International Flying Fifteen is an exciting two person racing keelboat; it has the characteristics of a dinghy, it planes (you get wet), it’s exhilarating, it’s small enough to trail to open meetings, there is competitive fleet sailing, it involves a great bunch of people young and old, and you have fun on the water and ashore.

We race at a Draycote Water Sailing Club, 500 acres of water close to Rugby.

We encourage racing at all levels from novice to expert.  We race twice every Sunday throughout the year and on Wednesday evenings during the Summer.

With nearly 4000 flying fifteens built to date (a large proportion of these are still sailing some where in the world) you are buying into what really is the most popular small keelboat in the world. So come and see what you have been missing and get into a fifteen today.