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Racing Sunday 6th November

If you didn’t race today you missed a cracker. Nine boats out for the morning race is an excellent turnout and the weather turned from being a bit grey and Northerly to being bright and Northerly with an excellent breeze blowing.

The Morning race was won by Richard Hope in his new boat and new crew, Mike, both of which seem to be helping in overcoming his natural inability to sail! Second were Geoff and Keith who were fortunate that third  placed boat (me and Kevin) had spent too much time before the start sorting out the World economy and consequently  missed the start. Otherwise I am sure we would have won!! The two Simons, who one would normally expect to be up front, did the decent thing and had a problem with their spinnaker resulting in a 10 minute re-rig on the water. A cracking race with places swapping all the way through the fleet. It was good to see Mark Dannett out in Geoff Wilkinson’s old boat which is indecently fast.

The Afternoon race was again a great race with honours once again going to Richard and Mike (oh no!) with the two Simons coming second and 3683  third. Lots of very close racing once again through the fleet. It is what Fleet Racing is about, spread the word!!

Sorry not to provide more detail, maybe someone (Dave Hope) could add the complete results.

Come next Sunday, water is fine and we can still launch.

Sunday 16th October


Race 1

10:30,no wind, and shall we shan’t we risk launching with the difficulty of launching with the lack of water at the end of the pontoon and the shallows to contend with. “Lets go” was the view of eight Freds “at least its better than watching the grass grow at home”.  And so, after launching one by one, the boats  arrived at the start line in dribs and drabs for a course of X J OL K H. After some debate as to which start was to be used the late decision was to use the normal FF start leaving at least one boat out on a limb (grrr) as the boats trickled across the line at the gun for the beat to X. Then the bonus came as the wind filled in from the SW putting a smile on everyones face.  A two sail reach to J followed by a beat through OL to K and then a broad three sail reach to H for the start of the second lap, followed by a third and then a fourth on a tight but sensible course avoiding the shallows.

From a position of  6th it was difficult to see the nip and tuck during the race but clearly 3683 was making considerable gains to make an exciting finish. At the finish the fleet had closed up with every boat somewhere on the leg between J and OL the final positions being 3327, 3712, 3373 and 3683 equal third, 3795, 3696  3561, and 3622.

Race 2

The wind held steady from the SW at a force 2 and six Freds made a very competitive start for the same course of X J OL K H. With the wind occassionally veering it paid to get onto port tack as soon as possible and at X two boats 3373 and 3696 had established a good lead on the rest of the fleet. On the reach to J some boats elected to hoist the spinnaker but with the oscillating wind those that didn’t did not lose any ground.  On the beat through OL to K there were different opinions whether to go inshore or stay out but there no gains or losses were made. Again a lovely broad three sail reach to H and the positions remained unchanged. And so it was for the remainder of the next three laps and at the finish the places were 3373, 3696, 3795, 3712, 3683 and 3622.

Thanks must go to the ODs for a good course on half the lake and avoiding the shallows.



Watch Out for Flying Fifteens in Yachts and Yachting This Month….(worth buying!)…. | The Flying Fifteen Blog

Watch Out for Flying Fifteens in Yachts and Yachting This Month….(worth buying!)…. | The Flying Fifteen Blog.